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Proper Group International’s culture of innovation drives a spirit of adaptability that has enabled the company to not only weather the fundamental changes in the industry, but thrive on them. We’ve come a long way from our first, 2,000 square foot mold making facility in 1971. Here’s a look at the milestones in our history:


1971 – Proper Mold & Engineering, later known as PME, is founded in Warren, Michigan as a manufacturer of small, high-quality plastic injection molds for the fastener and transportation industry.  

1981 – Opened a new, 10,000-square-foot facility to manufacture automotive interior molds.

1987 – Construction begins on a 42,000-square-foot large-mold manufacturing facility.

1990 – Partech Engineering, a PME company, finalized construction on a 22,000-square-foot precision mold making location.

1992 – The large-mold manufacturing site nearly doubles in size within five years, to 80,000 square feet.

1994 – Pinnacle Technologies, another PME company, launched as a rapid prototype facility to service the prototype market. Also, PME began an in-house mold sampling department.

1996 – Construction begins on a new, 34,000-square-foot mold maintenance and repair facility in Anderson, South Carolina.

1998 – A 32,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art engineering and technical center is built, merging Pinnacle Technologies into the new PME Design and Development Center.

1999 – The Anderson, S.C. facility is expanded to 46,000 square feet with the addition of injection mold operations; the combined molding and mold-making facility is re-named Autegra.

2002 – PME creates Global Tooling Solutions, to manage construction of mold operations in Asia.

2004 – PME creates Global Design Solutions, as an engineering and procurement company in Shenzen, China.

2006 – PME introduces thin wall molding in automotive interior trim components. Reducing mass and component cost.

2007 – Croswell, Michigan Polymers facility is opened, specializing in sophisticated “two-shot” molding process.

2008 – Prior to public announcement of shift from PME to Proper Group International. PME dedicates new Proper Design Lab; becoming a research focused organization.

2008 – With several umbrella companies and a global footprint, PME becomes Proper Group International, with headquarters in Warren, Michigan

2011 – New 11,000 square foot Advance Development Center opens in Warren, Michigan.

2014 – Proper launches a new digital tooling platform through its subsidiary, Proper Digital. 

2014 – Separate from its main manufacturing campus, Proper opens a new facility in Warren, Michigan under PGI Machining to serve the growing machining business.

2015 – Proper acquires a machining facility in Windsor, Ontario and expands its capabilities and scope of work.

2015 – Proper launches a new facility in Pulaski, Tennessee, dedicated to manufacture of lighting products for automotive.

2015 – Proper launches a new dedicated logistics and purchasing facility in Warren, Michigan.

2016 – Proper expands its injection mold facility in Warren, Michigan to accommodate growth in the lighting and consumer products business.

2016 – Proper expands its facility in Windsor, Ontario to accommodate continuing growth in tool building.

2017 – Proper launches a new facility in Greenville, South Carolina dedicated to serving BMW.

2017 – Proper launches a totally revised digital platform with Corporate Asset Management software under the trade name Tool Stats.

2018 – Proper completes a second expansion of injection mold facility in Warren, Michigan to increase capacity and capabilities.

2018  – Proper completes the expansion of the facility in Pulaski, Tennessee for the lighting industry and adds dedicated coating and assembly capabilities.

2018 – Proper completes the expansion of its prototype facility to add to existing capabilities.

2019 – Stay tuned!