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With our 24-hour service, the unexpected won’t slow you down. We’ll keep your tools running to their fullest potential with complete engineering and design services, full machining, welding, and more.
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Maintenance Agreements

Our team can provide regular scheduled maintenance and repairs to molds under this agreement. Molds will be picked up, the mold audited when in one of our plants and all necessary corrections and maintenance performed. This service can be provided on a fixed cost basis except for unusual repairs. Toolstats software will be used and all documentation can be seen online.

24-Hour Service

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PGT Service is in business to keep you running. From projects as simple as tryout support and tool maintenance to the most complex engineering changes, we use the art of fast and efficient service combined with the history and unmatched skill and capability of Proper Group Technologies to offer best-in-industry quality and turn around.

PGT Service offers complete engineering and design services, full machining, welding, polishing and even texture repair to keep your tools running to their fullest potential–whether at your place or ours. With facilities in Michigan, Canada and South Carolina, we are there when you need us–wherever that is.

Spare Parts

Spare parts can be ordered for any mold in which data is available. These parts will be 3D printed or conventionally machined based on the quickest time to return your mold to service.

Stage 2™

    PGT Service will
  • Custom manufacture your molds
  • Disassembly, surface treatment, chemical treatment, finish surface
  • Quality inspection experts - Mold Tryouts & Testing
  • Verification of mold cycle times during mold tryouts, along with verifying product specifications, and evaluating compliance
  • Clean your molds
  • Storage management for your molds

Stage 2™ Support

Some molds are received from other parts of the world that may need final maturation before going into mass production. Our team will support everything from crate removal, teardown and inspection, sampling, and final finishing.

Tool Stats Industry 4.0

ToolStats is a revolutionary tool tracking solution, delivered in an easy-to-use-app, providing you with 24/7/365 access to your tooling information. Scan your tool at any time using the free mobile app to instantly view files, report issues, or request service. The patented mobile technology will guarantee that your tool is never without its data.

Not only does ToolStats provide fingertip access to your files, but it also allows users to easily collaborate throughout the entire life of a program. With unlimited access and sharing capabilities, tooling data can easily be communicated throughout your entire supply chain.

Stage 2™