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In an industry built on a combination of design, optimization, and safety, we’re a partner who is well-versed in accomplishing extremely tough challenges. Since 1971, we’ve been immersed in all things automotive, working with global manufacturing partners to deliver components and assemblies with widespread impact.
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Product Standards

Launching large-scale, global programs that include 100 or more molds requires strict standards of operation. We follow a 6-gate launch process that ensures nothing is missed at any point. Utilizing state-of-the-art molding equipment and rigorous controls around the validation of machinery and processes, we’ve been able to execute products with supreme quality and aesthetic characteristics.

Manufacturing Specialties

We operate as a Tier-1 and Tier-2 supplier, delivering products directly to OEMs. We specialize in exterior products, including Class A surfaces, both structural and functional. We are also capable of manufacturing parts for under the hood that stand up to certain climate and thermal demands.

Part Specialties

  • Exterior Class A
    • Grills
    • Claddings
    • Spoilers
    • High-gloss Molded Product (Paint Elimination)
    • 2K Molded Product
  • Under hood
    • Active Grill Systems
    • Water Management Systems (Cowl Screens)
    • Engine Covers
    • Structural Components

Process Capability

  • 2K
  • Gas Assist
  • MuCel
  • Hot Stamping


  • Scanning Capabilities

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