PGM Industrial:

Complex Designs Made Simple

When it comes to manufacturing high-end consumer products, a lot can be gleaned from experience in the automotive market. Complex designs require unique approaches to reach the optimal outcome. Our background gives us the edge to adapt to any need.
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From Design to the Shelf

We provide every part of the manufacturing process. Our design and engineering resources give us the ability to optimize and support value engineering. We utilize a number of processes and features, such as multi-material molding, hot stamping, high glass, and reaction injection molding, to bring the design to the final stage where it is ready for the store.

Products and Projects

We specialize in contract manufacturing for consumer and industrial markets and are always looking to accept and evaluate new and unique projects. We’ve completed many food preservation projects and various home appliance components and subassemblies.

Part Specialties

  • Container and Storage Systems
  • Cold/Cool Storage
  • Process Capability

  • Flaming & Gluing
  • Reaction Injection Molding
  • In-Mold Labeling
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