PGM Lighting:

Delivering Brighter Results

Automotive lights have come a long way since their inception, and a new standard has emerged. Style and aesthetics now play an important role. But the lights still must serve their intended purpose. Our team embraces the challenge of receiving a design, meeting specific parameters, and maintaining the performance needed to guarantee end-user safety.
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Manufacturing Services & Capabilities

Design is only the beginning of the process. The next step is making the design work. We manufacture our own molds, capable of a 5-micron finish, which is vital to ensuring the success of the final part. Then, our manufacturing plants execute in-house molding, painting, and metalizing of our optics. This way, everything happens in one place, allowing for a full-service operation.

Product Segments

We specialize in both technical optic parts and secondary lamp assemblies. On the technical side, we offer thick multi-shot-molded lenses, multi-shot light guides, complex optic design light guides, and multi-color lenses. Small lamp assemblies include applications like turn signal lamps, cargo lamps, and license plate lamps, among others.

Part Specialties

  • Small Lamp Assembly
  • Thick Wall Optical Components (2K & 3K)
  • High-tolerance Optical Components
  • Reflectors

Process Capability

  • 2K & 3K Molding
  • Metalizing
  • Hard Coating
  • Assembly

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