What our Customers are saying about us

"I have been really impressed with the entire team at Proper in the development of these tools, including the information regarding the press interface. I provided the information to Engel and am waiting for their feedback. Zach has been doing a great job helping us to keep the ball rolling."
- Thermoplastics, Product Line Manager
“Thanks again to the Proper team for your commitment to manufacturing excellence. Your recent efforts towards supporting a prototype build for the program builds on the trusting relationship we have established. With current economic pressures at hand, it is these partnerships that focus creative innovative solutions leveraged on state of the art manufacturing technologies, responsive deliveries and a make it happen winning attitude that brings continued success.”
- L&L Products, Tooling Engineer
“Proper Group has really stepped up to assist Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) with providing quality PPE for our front line staff, instantly making an impact against this current global pandemic. The flexibility and eagerness to work with us to rapidly evolve a quality prototype has been nothing short of amazing. They exemplify “The Detroit Innovative Attitude” for rising to the occasion that the world has always known and expects during a crisis.”
- Henry Ford Innovation Institute, Manager
“Without the extraordinary efforts of Proper Group we would not have been able to accomplish such rave reviews on our overhead console, or the vehicle as a whole. The strength of the program management, engineering and shop floor at Proper Group made all of the timing and quality come through. Thank you for all of the team members involved. “
- IACNA, Tooling Engineer
“I want to extend my deepest thanks to your entire team for a job well done. I appreciate all the effort you put forward to host our team and all the preparation that went into it making this an excellent day for our senior staff. Several committed on how clean it was and they never expected to see a tool shop at that level of cleanliness. You are a top notch outfit.”
- General Motors, Director of Manufacturing
“I am extremely happy with the molds from a design and execution standpoint. It was impressive shooting parts pretty much out of the gate. Well done to you and your team for a well executed program.”
- Behr America, Product Engineer
“I wanted to take the time to say thank you to you and your team. It took a big effort to get these tools to this level with the timing that you had to hit. Your guys were very professional and worked very well together as a team. I hope to share the same success on our other tools.”
- LexaMar, Tooling Manager
“I would like to thank the entire team at Proper for your support in last week’s samples. I feel that this was a huge accomplishment to get parts off all of the tools last week. I also want everyone at Proper to know that I understand the long hours and dedication that was involved in making this happen, and that I really appreciate it.”
- Valeo, Tooling Engineer
“I would like to congratulate the entire team for a very successful start to the Honda program. We met with Honda management and with Honda prototype on Friday – both groups thanked everyone for the effort and success on the design completion, meeting the tooling delivery date, which they thought we may miss due to the tight timing, the quality of the parts and how well they fir the vehicle, and also the Quality Review which took place at PGI a week ago. This is usually a 4 to 5 hour review, and we were prepared and passed inspection in only 1.5 hours. Again we have improved the customer early in the program, and I thank all of your for your efforts. Lets keep building on this momentum to have a great production program and launch as well.”
- Guardian, Director
“I want to thank you and all your team members for the excellent job everyone has done on the program. With emphasis on the IP, from day 1 this tool has been under the watchful eye of our customer. Sending in their tooling expert along with their global tool analysist to show us how we can improve on timing only to go back to their upper management and tell them there is nothing more that can be done.”
- Inteva, Tooling Engineer
“We appreciate your help very much! From my side I don’t think anything could have went better!!! You should be extremely proud of your team.”
- Draexlmaier, Program Manager
“Just wanted to let you know what we did today with the samples you ran. We welded the substrates with no adjustments to the tooling or machine parameters, we then ran the parts down the assembly line with no issues and we burst the part at 8.1 bar! This is a very good result! You did a very nice job with these tools and please pass on my appreciation to your team! We look forward to getting the tools here for our first runs in KY. I think our plant people will also be appreciative of your efforts.”
- Montaplast, Technical Purchasing
"I wanted to let you know, that your team was exceptional in their execution, commitment on quality, and timing at a very compressed timeline. 10 calendar days from SRG Global T0 to Ship date is unheard of. Tool to be on a truck today as planned. Please recognize each individual within your organization that participated in this success."
- SRG, Global Tooling Director
“I would like to take the time and personally thank each of you for the outstanding care and technical expertise you have provided Humanetics for each and every mold you have made for us – the compliments are many on our end for your attention to detail and workmanship of the tooling we have procured from you over the past several months. One of the best comments I have received to date is: 'This is one beautiful tool!' I will tell you I seldom hear that and so that tells me that you’ve done an
amazing job!”
- Humanetics, Buyer
“It Is not often that we experience the customer focus and responsiveness that we witnessed this week at Proper.”

“We were extremely impressed with the group’s attention to detail for our tool design and construction standards. I was especially impressed by the communication within the design group. If any detail should have been overlooked, it was always corrected not only on the tool in question, but also on every other design before the next review. These guys really know how to make it happen.”

“Qualities like these are what will keep Proper as one of General Motors best suppliers.”
- General Motors, Tooling Engineer
“I would like to thank Proper for the great support we received over the weekend. The quick turn-around to resolve the issue was impressive. I look forward to continuing this level of business relationship.”
- Takata, Tooling Engineer

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